Funny woman Amy Schumer effortlessly makes the transition from her successful TV career to being the brightest new star to hit the big screen this year in what is destined to be one of the summer’s blockbuster romantic comedies. If that is not enough, she wrote the very hilarious script herself. Amy plays Amy a magazine writer for one … Continue reading


When Jose Angelo is caught by the Police who have been chasing him through his working class apartment building in a Rio de Janiero suburb. he manages to throw a wallet that he has been grasping over an outside wall and it lands in the back of a passing garbage truck. Whilst the police are … Continue reading


Its no easy feat collecting one’s thoughts after watching Terrence Malik’s latest confounding epic of a movie: it is truly mind-blowing. What little plot there is focuses on the O’Brien’s, a rather ordinary middle-class family in small town America in the 1950’s.  Mr. O’Brien struggles with  conflicting ideals: he is a strict disciplinarian of a … Continue reading


This movie really is a trip in more ways than one. British TV star and indie movie actor Steve Coogan, playing himself, is commissioned by ‘The Observer Newspaper’ to do a mini tour of some of the fine new restaurants that have sprouted up in unlikely parts of the North of England and to write … Continue reading

Triple 9

From John Hillcoat the Australian filmmaker who gave us the enthralling apocalyptic thriller The Road comes a new modern day heist movie about a bunch of corrupt Atlanta cops and ex-soldiers who are about to pull off one last job for the Russian-Israeli Mafia. The gang’s leader Michael Atwood (a terrific Chiwetel Ejiofor)  is pulled up … Continue reading

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