Trust Me

I did ‘trust’ actor turned writer/director Clark Gregg that after watching the trailer that this, his sophomore feature, was a comedy.  Far from it, even though it has some comic moments this dark story of a Hollywood Agent whose career is sinking below rock bottom, is quite a depressing affair.  Gregg stars as Howard Holloway … Continue reading

Tuesday After Christmas

Paul is a middle aged banker, who one can tell by all the nudity in this film, has not been to the gym for some time,  and he is having an affair with Ralucca his daughter’s dentist. He is torn between staying with Adriana his Lawyer wife who he has been married too for 10 … Continue reading


Up until the 1960’s singing stars on TV and Records were supported by very wholesome and rather genteel white female singers. They were known by other musicians as ‘readers’ as they came in and sang exactly what was on their music scores without any deviation.  And then the first African/American girls started getting gigs backing … Continue reading


This mini-epic war melodrama starts when all the action is over and middle-aged Gemma is having breakfast with her husband in their rather comfortable home in Italy when the phone rings. It’s an old friend who is inviting her to a special Photography Exhibit in Sarajevo.  Not much is spoken between the couple after she … Continue reading


Joseph is a tormented self-destructive and angry drunken old man whose sad life seems one violent episode after another.  One day he runs into a Charity Thrift Store to avoid a mob and encounters Hannah the Manager, who as  devout Christian. offers to pray for him.  On a subsequent visit he soon discovers that Hannah’s … Continue reading

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