Becca and Howie are very happily married, successful and have rather a charmed life, which is shattered when their only child, a 4-year-old boy, chases his dog into the street and is killed by an oncoming car.  8 months later they are still trying to come to terms with his death and find ways to … Continue reading


This new crowd-pleaser biopic of African/American athletic hero Jesse Owens sees his troubled world through rose colored glasses (even the Nazis running the 1936 Olympics are not THAT bad ) as it fore-mostly focuses on his remarkable achievements of winning 4 Gold Medals, with the political ramifications taking second place.  The movie starts with the teenage Owens leaving Alabama and his … Continue reading


Luciano is a gregarious fishmonger with his own Stall near his home in one of the old quarters of Naples. He is not just one of the few men in his sprawling family of numerous aunts and cousins, but he is always the life of soul of their group.  One day when his wife and … Continue reading

Red Joan: Judi Dench plays a spy in this rather leaden drama

  The most traitorous act about this British spy story would be to admit that one didn’t like (Dame) July Dench’s performance as the octogenarian widow suddenly arrested by the Authorities for what she got up to at University in the 1940’s.  The hesitation is not a reflection of her in anyway, but in the … Continue reading


Even if you have never had a yearning to quaff a glass or two of Bordeaux wine you will after seeing this new documentary about one of them oldest and most famous of libations, although you will probably be sampling the table wine variety and not the prestigious vintages that this movie focuses on.  It … Continue reading

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