Collateral Beauty

      Collateral Beauty is the perfect movie for people who are grieving over recent bereavements and who will be able to readily relate to the anguish that Howard (Will Smith) is struggling with on a daily basis two years after his 6 year old daughter …..his only child ….. died as a result of a … Continue reading

    A Little Chaos

    Poor Monsieur Le Notre.  The King is giving him a hard time to design the most perfect gardens in the world and within budget, and at the same his feckless wife is playing fast and loose with every young man she can afford to pay for her carnal pleasure.  Then to top it all the … Continue reading

    Absent aka Ausente

      16 year old Martin Blanco claims to have something in his eye, so Sebastian his High School Swimming Coach whisks him out of Class and takes him to the Eye Hospital Emergency Room. The doctors give him the all clear, so the teacher offers to drive him home. School is over for the day, … Continue reading

    All The Light In The Sky

    Marie is a middle-aged bit part Hollywood actress who has still not had her big breakthrough part. She has been successful enough to be able to live in a Malibu Beach apartment, albeit a small rented one. She’s a bit of a hippie and leads a healthy lifestyle with her daily routines of paddle-boarding and … Continue reading

    Anton Checkhov’s The Duel

    The protagonist in this small drama is Laversky, who allegedly is a high up civil servant but never seems to do a stroke of work and  whiles his days away just gambling a moment and drinking.  He’s shacked up with his rather beautiful mistress in a seaside resort but the she gets word that her husband … Continue reading

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