Swedish Filmmaker David Färdmar‘s debut feature film,  an excellent queer romance, is an adaption of his short film ]No More We'( available to view on www.dekkoo.com) .  Using the same two very talented lead actors,  Färdmar expands the story of how this love affair turned sour.

Adrian (Björn Elgerd) and Hampus (Jonathan Andersson) who have been living together for three years and are engaged to be married,  but now that the passion has subsided they have decided to separate.  Well Hampus has made the decision to leave,  but Adrian, although unhappy in their relationship, it is shocked that they are going to break up.

Once Hampus has removed his share of the furniture (including half the bed) from what is now Adrian’s apartment the reality  of the split is beginning to sink in.  However It’s not until they get to the point of changing their status on Facebook to ‘single’  that the pair realize that they have gone past the point of no return.

The film takes place over the next year when at first neither of the men can move on without each other.  There is lots of crying, anxiety, uncomfortable encounters, rebound sex, and even one last final hook-up together.  Färdmar cleverly keeps us not only totally engaged in the story, but always guessing how this is all going to pan out.

When the pair finally do meet new partners they look uncannily like each other, and it makes for a rather awkward dinner when all four finally get together.

However the  movie succeeds on several levels   Starting with the fact that Hampus and Adrian are well-written fully rounded gay men that avoid all the stereotypical cliches that so many writers still insist of clinging too. .  Both men are very likable and and have their own idiosyncrasies,  and Färdmar ensures that we appreciate them equally so that we never take sides or try to pin blame on just one for the break up.

Most gay men in particular will be  easily able  to relate what goes down in this story, and on a side note, will also welcome the way the intimate moments  are shared .

Kudos to both Elgerd and Andersson for not just the chemistry they shared together but for their compelling performances which packed the right amount of emotion into this heart-touching tale.  It left us so invested in its outcome , we’d love to find out what happened next.


PS To find out where this movie is being screened check out https://www.facebook.com/fardmarsfilm/