Thursday, May 31st, 2018

Boy Undone


Mexican filmmaker Leopoldo Laborde’s latest intriguing movie Boy Undone has been described as an excellent example of guerrilla filmmaking.  This is the term used to describe very low budget filmmaking with skeleton crews, and simple props using whatever is available. Often scenes are shot quickly in real locations without any warning, and without obtaining filming permits.

It definitely feels like this was the way Boy Undone was made with it’s perplexing and deliberately vague storyline.  It’s the tale of a young man (Paul Act )who wakes up naked in a strange apartment and he cannot remember a thing.  Not just how he got there, but even who actually he is and without either a wallet or cellphone, there is no way of telling what he is even called.

His ‘savior’ Miguel (Eduardo Longoria) who had rescued him from the bathroom of a gay club the night before and brought him back to his rather nice apartment can’t help either, but that doesn’t stop the two having morning sex. In fact what Boy Undone lacks in plot details it certainly makes up for in with a  great  deal of very explicit full-on sex .

Over the coming days the boys try to search for the truth based on the bare fragments of memory , and what eventually unfolds in this search for the truth is a rather chilling thriller that involves even more naked young men having sex.

A close bond quickly grows between the bewildered boy who turns out to be named Fernando and the wealthy Miguel who starts to become very protective of this kid who has assumed the role of boyfriend. When they eventually uncover the mystery behind Fernando’s whole agitated state, it is Miguel who insists on exacting revenge.

It’s a mesmerizing wee film which strides a very fine between drama and pornography which will no doubt make it very popular indeed.

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