Sunday, February 3rd, 2019

City of Queens needs your Help


The announcement that the ubiquitous Ru Paul’s Drag Race was going to start a UK version was not met with universal acclaim in the country.  Mainly because Britain has a long history of drag performers that have this wealth of a culture and a very definite depth that the superficial TV program seems to  take great strides to avoid. 

Alternative drag is one of the most exciting things to come out of London’s East End for years thanks to the likes of Jonny Woo and his fabulous Glory Pub. It is a hotbed for such inspired and unique talent such as Le Gateau Chocolat, Bourgeois & Maurice and A Man To Pet who are so far out there in their own bizarre realms that make them the real stars of today.

Now Matt Timmiss a young Brit filmmaker has turned his camera away from the glossy mainstream drag queens to get a true picture of what life is like as a working drag queen.  He has captured the contrast of their fun cutting humor that peppers their performance with the sheer realities of abuse, violence, otherness they also have to deal with and that makes them so resilient.

Take a look at the preview trailer and you’ll see that Timmiss has perfectly captured the essence of several of these working queens and each of them has their own important tale to tell.  Its a very impressive documentary that tells a story that we can relate too much more than a glossy TV reality show,  and is one  that needs to be shared within our community .

The movie that Timmiss funded himsel is shot but now comes the next part of the expensive cost of post-production to get the movies on to a screen and hopefully in a film festival near you.  If this moves you as much as it did us, here’s the link to their Indiegogo page  …..every little helps


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