Monday, January 2nd, 2017

Doors Cut Down


Young Guillermo (Israel Rodríguez has an insatiable appetite for sex.  Not only that, but this 16 year-old schoolboy shows a remarkable maturity in manipulating older guys into getting what he wants.  Every day after school is out he sneaks off to the Mall to find a new sexual partner who he lures into the restrooms to have a quickie before going back home for dinner.

Continually horny he hits on every available man that comes his way including the private tutor (Juan Carlos Rubio) his parents have hired for him to improve his English. When his father comes home unexpectedly and catches them in flagrante , its the poor tutor who gets banished , and Guillermo and his father never speak of it again.

That is until Guillermo gets his best catch ever when he picks up Asier (Pablo Puyolthe hot local car mechanic he has been eying up for sometime. However by now the Mall security guys have become suspicious of Guillermo’s daily lengthy visits to the restrooms, and so they break down the bathroom door and interrupt him as he is giving his all so very passionately. 

This very cute and funny provocative short from 2000 by Spanish filmmaker Antonio Hens has been lovingly restored into HD by Altered Innocence and is now available for streaming on Dekko and Naked Sword.  It’s a gentle jab at society’s homophobia that leads this rather determined and self-assured teenager to fulfill his sexual desires in this surreptitious manner, and is done without making any judgement at all on the whole restroom cruising culture.

P.S. Hens went on to make two excellent LGBT feature films : Clandestinos in 2007  (which also starred Rodriguez and Puyol and The Last Match in 2013


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