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Two childhood best friends Mati (Joaquin Parada) and Jero (Blas Fenardi Niz) seem to have an ideal life spending their summers on Jero’s parents farm in the wetlands in southern Argentina. They get to do all the usual boyish country things and everything is quite perfect until their burgeoning sexuality hits in and their relationship briefly takes on a different physical dimension.

They never get to discover where this may possibly lead too as very soon afterwards Mati’s family uproot and emigrate for a new and more prosperous life in Brazil.

Fast forward ten years and Mati (Ignacio Rogers) and his girlfriend Rovhi (Renata Calmon) are back in town for the weekend to attend a family party.  Mati is now a rather earnest and serious young man who works as a Research Biologist, and he is visibly shaken when he runs into Jero again (Esteban Masturni).  His old friend is now openly gay and leads a laid back somewhat bohemian life making cartoon models.  

They may be unaware of it, but there is an obvious instant mutual attraction and when Mati accepts a day trip to the country to revisit Jero’s family farm without Rovhi in tow, then we can all but guess how this is going to pan out. When they are there alone trapped in the house by torrential rain and with no cellphone signal, then it is just a matter of who will make the first move.

Despite the fact that it’s a very simple familiar tale, this debut feature from Papu Curotto, adapted from his own short movie has a real freshness to it, which coupled with some compelling performances from both the young and old boys, results in quite an enchanting wee movie.

Argentinian LGBT movies are few and far in between, but when they land so well as this one, then they are well worth the wait.


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