Friday, November 20th, 2020

Eye Candy Calendars 2021


It’s that time of year  when we get to choose a new wall calendar for the new year (we already featured the Tom Of Finland last  one week) .  It’ll be more important in 2021 when COVID will keep us home more than usual and asd we mark off the days we’ll want to look at something ‘pretty’!   

The one above is the2021 Firefighters Calendar ‘Animal Lovers Calendar featuring some very hot Australians (and some cute pets too).  You can buy  it here


From meat zine in London comes: The Naked Calendar 2021. Its their s best and most diverse calendar to date. It features 12 London gay, bi, trans and non-binary queers hanging out at home NAKED. (OK, full disclosure, there’s a Scottish dude and a Northerner fella photographed in their London hotels!!).  You can buy it here

Kilty Pleasures Mini Wall Calendar   buy here



If your mother disapproves of your partner/s then she may love to see this one hanging up in your kitchen : she (or you ) can buy it  here



We’re still reeling with  shock that you can buy the Lumberjacks calendar at WALMARTS of all places!!!!



This is  undoubtably our favorite  : Bruce Sargeant Paintings 2021 . The art of Bruce Sargeant was long undiscovered. New York-based artist Mark Beard has devoted the last two decades to exploring and amassing the work of Bruce Sargeant, a painter who idealized and celebrated the beauty of the male form. His subtly-toned oil paintings of young men at sport and leisure are reminiscent of classic figure painting, highlighting his beaux arts training, yet their gentle elegance continues to speak to contemporary audiences.  The Calendar is available at AMAZON


This one with 16 photos of BEARDED MEN is another calendar that can be found at Walmarts.  Who knew?



Finally , after putting on so many Covid pounds (!) we are thinking of removing all our mirrors and replacing them with this Calendar.  It will help us hide r the truth and make us feel so much better.



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