Starless Dreams

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Mehrdad Oskouei’s unflinching and extremely personal documentary shot in a  rehabilitation center for female juvenile delinquents in Tehran for 20 days leading up to New Year, will unquestionably be one of the saddest stories to hit our screens this year.  It took the filmmaker seven years to persuade the Iranian authorities to allow him to film an imprisoned … Continue reading

The Accountant

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Ben Affleck is Christian Wolff a man of many aliases and quite a whizz at cooking the books for any major league crooks who want to launder a great deal of  illegally made money.  Known as The Accountant, his autism makes him an obsessively detailed figure man, but it’s his schizophrenia that makes him enjoy … Continue reading

The Assistant

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French directing duo Christophe Ali and Nicolas Bonilauri are back with a new movie after an absence of ten years from our screens. For their return they have chosen a wonderfully tense and stylized very European thriller about a grieving mother exacting revenge for the death of her teenager Sebastian son who was killed in a car accident nine … Continue reading

The Birth of a Nation

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Filmmaker Nate Parker’s powerful directing debut The Birth of a Nation that was hailed as a masterpiece in many quarters in Sundance earlier this year, is based on the controversial account of Nat Turner’s life and the slave rebellion he led in 1831.  The perfect timing of the premiere in the very same month the Academy … Continue reading

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