A Skin So Soft ….. on men so hard

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  There is something uncomfortably riveting about French/Canadian filmmaker Denis Côté documentary that really brings out the voyeur in you.  In this almost silent look at half a dozen bodybuilders he invites us to observe their complete obsession with their bodies which dominates their lives complete. Each gram of food is weighed meticulously, every daily … Continue reading

A Thread of Deceit: The Hart Family Tragedy : when 2 lesbian mums drove their 6 children over a cliff

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  It’s hard not to feel like the worst kind of voyeur as you start to watch this documentary knowing it has the most violent stomach-churning ending.   Hopefully it will throw some light on it all. This is the real-life story of two lesbian mothers who in a suspected murder-suicide drove their car off a … Continue reading

Blinded By The Light: or how Bruce Springstein saved my LIfe.

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  The brilliant filmmaker Gurinder Chadha , a British filmmaker of Indian descent, has over the past 25 years so succinctly captured the real essence of second generation of Asians who made the UK their home.  With them having feet in both extremely different cultures, Chadra’s narratives reflect the whole generational aspect of racial bigotry … Continue reading

Elle Fanning is captivating in THE GREAT : a Hulu original series

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  Why Russian Empress Catherine The Great should suddenly be in vogue is probably a mere coincidence. Helen Mirren received respectable reviews for her recent portrayal even though the series she starred in was so leaden and heavy work. Now Elle Fanning who is young enough to be Mirren’s ……. well, just lets say they … Continue reading

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