Lovers and Fighters : a brilliant collection of shorts : sexual surprises, gender fluidity and some serious flip flopping

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  Mark your calendar, tag the location, Wednesday 15th Jan 2020 at Regent St Cinema Queerguru got so queer that we briefly looped back round to straight and then just kept going because we were having so much fun. The cause of this head spinning roller coaster ride was Fringe! Lovers & Fighters, a brilliantly boggling … Continue reading

New French Shorts 2020 : with flashes of honesty, humour and a little horniness

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                      A marvelously robust and compelling group of French shorts. They are all satisfyingly different filled with flashes of honesty, humour and a little horniness   AHMED’S SONG (Le chant d’Ahmed) Director: Foued Mansour The low key charm is real as young Mike, a chancer … Continue reading

The Danish Boys – Danish without sugar

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  The Danish Boys collection of short films recently released from NQV Media has an unusual common trait across its diverse characters and circumstances. There is a focus on victimhood without redeeming purpose that is individually irritating and objectionable whilst collectively being oddly compelling. Centered around over familiar gay crucifixion scenes each ode to pain … Continue reading

This is not Berlin : Art, politics and music collide in Mexican nightlife

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  Set against the background of the 1986 Mexico World Cup This is Not Berlin throws together a cast of creative misfits who are trying to change themselves, or the world, into something that works better for them. The drama is serious without being somber as sobriety is thrown up into the gutter during the … Continue reading

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