Andrew Hebden @ BFI Film Fest London reviews I AM SAMUEL

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  Religion, homophobia, and a lack of resources loom over a touching account of one man reconciling his love for another man with the expectations of his family. The brave participants of this documentary avoid melodrama, histrionics and self pity. It’s a show and tell story that gives its subjects the decency of realism.  Living … Continue reading

Andrew Hebden @ BFI Film Fest London reviews KAJILLIONAIRE

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  While we suspect the success of Bong Joon-ho’s satirical Parasite made this odd story of a family of grifters an easier sell to its Executive Producer Brad Pitt we are glad to report that Miranda July’s Kajillionaire quickly sets its own glorious course tearing apart the nuances of sentiment rather than the notions of … Continue reading

BILLIE : Andrew Hebden reviews a riveting new doc on BILLIE HOLLIDAY

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    Saying that this riveting telling of the life of Billie Holiday is our second favourite music documentary of the past few years does not seem like the compliment it is until we remind you that our favourite was the sublime Amazing Grace centered on Aretha Franklin. Whereas Amazing Grace focuses on the vocal … Continue reading

Lovers and Fighters : a brilliant collection of shorts : sexual surprises, gender fluidity and some serious flip flopping

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  Mark your calendar, tag the location, Wednesday 15th Jan 2020 at Regent St Cinema Queerguru got so queer that we briefly looped back round to straight and then just kept going because we were having so much fun. The cause of this head spinning roller coaster ride was Fringe! Lovers & Fighters, a brilliantly boggling … Continue reading

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