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Openly gay Argentinian filmmaker Marco Berger’s movies are always such a joy to watch and this new one that he premiered at the Berlinale early this year is no exception.  As usual the story is steeped in sexual awakenings of his young characters, but for once the central couple are actually heterosexual, although there is … Continue reading

Carlos Jáuregui : The Unforgettable Fag

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In this documentary that tells the story of the leading Argentinian LGBT activist Carlos Jáuregui, someone comments at one point ‘it’s important for our community to know where we have come from’  to which we would add, it is equally vital that we know who propelled us along the way too.  Every LGBT community has a hero, … Continue reading

Disco Limbo

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Argentinian filmmakers Fredo Landaveri and Mariano Toledo feature film directing debut is a little like one long hallucinatory trip.  There is a vague story line to the narrative which is not that easy to follow, but somehow that doesn’t seem to the point of this rambling and rather bizarre avant-garde piece that looks like it was made by Film … Continue reading

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