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  This extraordinary tale from 1789 of the daughter of a West Indian Slave and an aristocrat British Navy Captain was so far fetched that it had to be true. Like something out of the pages of a Jane Austen novel, it is the tale of Sir John Lindsay taking charge of his illegitimate daughter after the sudden death … Continue reading

Blinded By The Light: or how Bruce Springstein saved my LIfe.

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  The brilliant filmmaker Gurinder Chadha , a British filmmaker of Indian descent, has over the past 25 years so succinctly captured the real essence of second generation of Asians who made the UK their home.  With them having feet in both extremely different cultures, Chadra’s narratives reflect the whole generational aspect of racial bigotry … Continue reading

Brighton Rock

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It’s so hard to avoid not being more than a tad suspicious when some bright spark decides to remark a classic film noir, esp. when they turn out to be such insipid copies of the original.  Think the stunning ‘Plein Soliel’ turned into ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley’.  Remember? I rest my case!     So I was more … Continue reading

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