Eddie The Eagle

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Michael Edwards better known as Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards was a charismatic British folk-hero that most Americans will never have heard of. This plasterer from a blue-collar family ignited the U.K. public’s imagination when, in this real shaggy-dog story and without any real experience, in 1988 he finagled his way into the British Olympic Team … Continue reading


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A new movie from acclaimed British filmmaker Michael Winterbottom is always a highly anticipated event for avid cinephiles, and even when like ‘TRISHNA’  his last one, they are far from perfect they are still streets ahead of so many other independent movies.  And an added joy is the fact that one is never sure what … Continue reading

Far From The Madding Crowd

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It’s hard to distinguish if some of the criticism leveled at this, the fourth adaption of Thomas Hardy’s fourth novel, is because the director of this English classic is Danish, or because ardent cinephiles are miffed that anyone should try surpassing John Schlesinger’s 1967 definitive version starring Julie Christie. Nevertheless this new pared down adaptation … Continue reading

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