Another Country

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This wonderful insight to the heavily entrenched traditions of the archaic British class system that prevailed for centuries tells the story of a privileged elite set of young men as they deal with the elaborate rituals at one of the countries most prestigious Public Schools (what the Brits call Private Schools).   The story set in … Continue reading

In Celebration

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This is a filmed adaptation of celebrated British playwright David Storey’s stage play that opened in London Royal Court Theatre in 1969.  Storey was a leading exponent of ‘kitchen sink drama’ which in the late 1960’s atypically was a style of social realism which often depicted the domestic situations of working-class Britons living in terraced … Continue reading

The Ritz

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Gaetano Procio is in big trouble with his wife’s Mafia family, and scared for his life he jumps into a New York taxi and demands that the driver take him to the safest place that no-one would ever find him.  He omits to tell Gaetano that The Ritz Baths are totally gay and what follows is a … Continue reading

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