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Rene is a lonely grumpy 70 year old man who has alienated the few people in his life with his caustic comments and his decidedly unfriendly attitude.  He lives alone in a shabby house in a small provincial town in the Philippines, and he is just waiting to die. It’s not that he is ill, … Continue reading


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Writer/director/actor Jon Favreau is back to his indie movie roots with this sparkling new comedy that he has just completed for less then $10 mil. which evidently is considered pocket money by Hollywood standards these days. However the man who was relatively unknown when he had his breakthrough writing and starring in ‘Swingers’ back in 1996, can now … Continue reading


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Best selling writer and humorist David Sedaris firmly refused to allow any of his novels/writings to be made into movies until now. I’m not sure if that is because  his humor is autobiographical and self-deprecating and often concerns his family life, or the simple fact he would hate the end result.  Now that he has … Continue reading

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