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Chris Rock is a very funny man.  He is also an extremely talented actor as he proves in the role he wrote for himself in this, his third time behind the camera too.  Rock plays Andre Allen a comedian who donned an animal suit to play a gun-toting sidekick to an LA cop  as the … Continue reading

Topsy Turvey

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In 1884 when ‘Princess Ida’ their latest Operetta for the D’Oyle Carte Company fails to ignite audiences like their previous hits it looks like the celebrated duo Arthur Sullivan and W.S. Gilbert’s run of success may be finally over. Sullivan, although newly knighted by Queen Victoria, is depressed and ill decamps to Europe vowing never … Continue reading


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I could really sum up director Lynn Shelton’s latest and her least likable movie in one word : annoying. She squanders her reputation (‘Humpday’ and ‘Your Sister’s Sister) and an excellent cast (including Ellen Page, Alison Janney & Josh Pais) on this embarrassingly unfunny comedy that went down like a lead balloon when it premiered at … Continue reading


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There is bleak, and then there is Armenia. It was that  first country to secede when the USSR broke up, and although it gained independence, rural Armenia kept its poverty.  In the south, the land is a blanket of slow each long harsh winter where the daily temperature hovers between -5 and -10C. The opening scene of … Continue reading

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