Hail, Caesar!

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For their latest collaboration the multi-Oscar winning Coen Brothers have produced a full-blown comedy that, like many of their films, is based around a botched crime job, although in this instance they treat this as a rather insignificant plot twist which they never really bother to follow through. Instead the focus is on an over-worked … Continue reading


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Once in a while even movies can dispense with its usual stereotypes and can tell us an old story with a fresh set of characters.  This debut feature from filmmaker Kevin Asche is a drug smuggling story where the baddies are neither African Americans or Italian Mafia but actually Hassidic Jews, and evidently its all … Continue reading

Humor Me

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For Sam Hoffman’s feature film writing/directing debut Humor Me he valiantly attempted to build on his very successful web series (and book) Old Jews Telling Jokes with very mixed results. What he ended up with is a family comedy that older Jewish audiences will lap up, but others will sadly find rather lame at best. This is … Continue reading

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