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Three separate and unrelated stories about three couples that have no plot to speak off, and the only common denominator is that there are all lonely in their different ways.  As odd as it sounds (and is!) film-maker Adam Reid’s far from perfect debut movie has just enough endearing moments to make it watchable. Bill is … Continue reading

Ladies In Black : putting color into Sydney in the 1950’s

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  Veteran Australian filmmaker Bruce Beresford (Driving Miss Daisy) has evidently taken some 25 years to adapt the the bestselling novel by Madeleine St John to the screen.  The result is a decidedly old-fashioned comedy drama that highlights the gentle world of Sydney in 1959 with just a hint of a message about the settlement … Continue reading


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Thirtysomething Laurence is a very successful and popular high school teacher, and loves his girlfriend Fred and their very full and happy life together in Montreal. Yet despite all that he has going for him he always has a perpetual nagging sensation that something is amiss.  Deep down he has always really known that essentially he feels … Continue reading


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There is no magic or tricks of any kind in this extremely disappointing monotonous flick about a bunch of male strippers in Florida that much respected filmmaker Steven Soderbergh has obviously made for pubescent teenage girls.  (And maybe very bored housewives)  Starring pretty boy Channing Tatum who with his all American boy look proves he … Continue reading

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