His Wedding Dress

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This debut feature from newbie Cuban filmmaker Marilyn Solaya is a grim tale about a transsexual’s relationship with a naive straight man back in the country’s dark days of 1994 before the President’s daughter Mariela Castro started to champion equal rights and tolerance for the LGBT community.  This particular story is based on a real life one … Continue reading

Last Days In Havana

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This somewhat depressing Cuban 0dd-couple tale takes part in a dilapidated  Havana neighborhood where time has stood still and where both the fabric of the buildings and life in general struggle to survive. The rather dour-looking 50 year old Miguel (Patricio Wood) ekes out a living as a dishwasher at a cafe by day, and … Continue reading

Santa and Andrés

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Cuban filmmaker Carlos Lechuga’s second feature film Santa and Andrés is a heart-breaking compelling tale set in a remote part of Cuba at the beginning of the 1980’s.  Andrés (Eduardo Martinez) is an openly-gay subversive writer who has been exiled to his hillside hovel of a shack and forbidden to write anything more against the governing … Continue reading

The Companion

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Every country in the world dealt with the AIDS epidemic in the 1980’s & 1990’s in different way, and the government in Cuba chose to round up patients and send them to a military facility turned into a sanitarium where they were very carefully ‘supervised’. If the patient conformed and behaved they were allowed out on … Continue reading

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