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This story is a day and a very long night in the lives of three Cuban teenagers who are desperate for a better life.  For hotheaded Raul this can only mean one thing and that’s leaving an impoverished dilapidated Havana for Miami where he’s convinced the streets are paved with riches. He wants to seek … Continue reading


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Best friends Lily and Gerri are determined to lose their virginity during their last summer together before they leave home for College. The drag is that there is evidently only one decent looking potential candidate to perform this service in Brighton Beach, and they both fall for him.  The object of their affections is David … Continue reading


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This is one crazy film about a very crazy woman and her oddball life.  Virginia is a functional paranoid schizophrenic who choses not to take any medication but whose life is spiraling out of control as is this movie that tells her story.  Virginia is an exasperating woman in her mid 30’s living in a … Continue reading


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Luck is unpredictable.  Take this weekend, when on Friday 13th I became a US Citizen (outstanding good luck) and then on Saturday and Sunday I saw back to back movies starring Channing Tatum (exceptional bad luck).   Ex male stripper/fashion model/dancer Mr Tatum got his big break as a disadvantaged dancer in ‘Step Up’ and has … Continue reading

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