Aaron Costa Ganis talks about LAZY EYE to queerguru

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On the eve of the World Premiere of LAZY EYE at the Provincetown International Film Festival earlier this summer, one of its two (very hot) stars, Aaron Costa Ganis talked to queerguru aka Roger Walker-Dack about acting in this rather wonderful ex-love story.

Now as the movie is about to have its NY premiere at NewFest on October 22nd before being released in selected US movie theaters on November 11th, we are re-publishing our interview which was filmed by Heather Reed at Sage Lounge & Inn for P.T.V.




Click HERE to see queerguru’s full review of the movie.

Alden Peters talks about COMING OUT with queerguru

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When 20 year old filmmaker Alden Peters decided he was ready to come out as a gay man to his family and friends he did some research to see if he could find any sort of guidelines to help him handle the situation.  He was particularly concerned with how to deal with the next step after his coming out, but sadly he could find nothing at all that offered any real advice. This was all about the same time as the tragic death of college student Tyler Clementi who took his own life after being outed by a roommate, and so the whole dialogue about the sensitive subject had publicly taken on a new dimension in the media.

So in the end the utterly charming Peters did it the only way he knew, and that was to film each of the encounters which he hoped would then help him and his immediate circle understand the situation better.

Peters was unquestionably one of the lucky ones with a family that loves him unconditional and a set of friends that accept him for who he is without question.  The result is a remarkably wonderful insightful documentary called Coming Out that Wolfe Video are releasing on VOD to celebrate National Coming Out Day on Tuesday 11th October. To mark the occasion Alden Peters talked to queerguru via FaceTime for P.T.V. about the movie and the journey it took him on.


For queerguru’s full review of Coming Out the film, click HERE

Anthony & Alex and Susanne Bartsch On Top

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Filmmaking duo Anthony & Alex talk to queerguru about Susanne Bartsch On Top : their definitive profile of N.Y’s Queen of the Night who has set the style and pace for Manhattan’s clubbers for the past three decades. They capture the essence of this legendary larger-than-life party promoter as they look back (and at the present) of how she took over the mantle of Andy Warhol when she conquered the city.

The interview for ‘queerguru reports’ on PTV’s Channel 99 was filmed during #PIFF2017 at the Lands End Inn by Heather Reed & Hussein Wentz, and edited by Roger Walker-Dack.   The movie won The John Schlesinger Award for first-time filmmaker at #PIFF2017.


Check out queerguru’s full review of the movie HERE

Behind the scenes of Midnight At The Never Get

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queerguru went behind the scenes of Midnight at The Never Get and talked to its creators/writers/stars Mark Sonnenblick and Sam Bolen to get the story about their new hot musical that has been wowing crowds at Provincetown Inn this summer. P.S. we got to hear them sing too.

The interview was filmed by #HusseinWentz for QUEERGURU TV on the set of the Show which is playing until Sept 3rd.


Bobbi Jo Hart talks about Rebels on Pointe with queerguru

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Bobbi Jo Hart is the director of the new movie Rebels on Pointe which is the first documentary that has gone behind the scenes of the world-famous all-male (and all-gay) ballet company Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo. It’s a wonderful heartwarming tale of how this Company has not just survived for over 40 years doing their delightful parodies of romantic and classical ballets that have not just won them fans all over the world, but how they have become one of the oldest (and happiest) LGBT organizations.

On the eve of the movie’s East Coast Premiere at Miami’s OUTshine Festival Bobbi sat down with Roger Walker-Dack for queerguru reports on PTV’s Channel 99 to talk about what making this film meant to her.   The interview at the Albion Hotel, Miami Beach was filmed by Douglas C. Lance of www.fotonoggin.com

For queerguru’s full review of the movie http://www.queerguru.com/2017/04/rebels-on-pointe


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