Trans Pride & putting the T first

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  The recent debacle at London Pride when a small group of transphobic cisgender women somehow managed to hijack the front of the march, highlighted the need for our community t0 be doing more for our brothers and sisters.  These particular protesters were shouting about how trans women aren’t women and are apparently “raping” lesbians ensuring that … Continue reading

Trans Youth talk about the labels society hangs on them

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In this new short film by award-winning trans filmmaker/activist Jake Graf he simply asked trans youth about the labels put on them by society. The result is a powerful message challenging the stigma of what it means to be trans today. Like all of Graf’s work it makes an essential contribution to the continuing dialogue … Continue reading

Transparent Show says This Is About All of Us

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  The cast and crew of the multi-award winning TV series TRANSPARENT took a day of filming to make this powerful PSA message in support of 17 year old Gavin Grimm.  This brave high school senior’s lawsuit was set to be the first Supreme Court case involving transgender rights.  But then Trump came along determined … Continue reading

VOICES 4 stage a KiSS IN

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Valentines Day seems the perfect day to celebrate the recent KISS-IN held by VOICES 4 in partnership with RUSA LGBT outside the Uzbek consulate in New York.  It was a protest against the governments of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Azerbaijan who have been abusing their respective powers, rounding up, detaining, assaulting, and physically abusing LGBTQIA+ people. In some cases, law enforcement … Continue reading

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