(A) Sexual

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I guess the byline of this movie could be ‘Everything You Need To Know About Not Having Sex’ ,but unlike Woody Allen’s movie that I paraphrased this from, this documentary is no laughing matter.  It focuses on David Jay a very earnest handsome young man in his 20’s  who after he ‘came out’ to his parents established a whole network … Continue reading

I Want Your Love

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  For some unexplained reason 30 year-old performance artist Jesse is forsaking his life in San Francisco to move back to his family home in Ohio, and he is very unsure if this is a good decision. His room-mate and best friend Wayne is throwing a going away party in the apartment they share, and … Continue reading

I’m So Excited

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From Pedro Almodovar, the undisputed king of high camp and high drama, comes this rather silly spoof of an airplane disaster movie : although in truth the only catastrophes that will befall any of the passengers are the results of the chaotic lives that they have temporary fled from on the ground.  The action is … Continue reading

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