Al Wei Wei : Never Sorry

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  I got totally swept away with this stunning uplifting movie about the genius who is the celebrated Chinese artist and political activist. Filmmaker Alison Klayman’s debut feature documentary chronicled his life for 3 years starting with his role as a Consultant to Herzog the architects as they constructed the ‘Birds Nest’ Olympic Stadium, and then he immediately infuriated the … Continue reading

Alive Inside

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I cannot remember exactly how social worker Dan Cohen came across his amazing discovery but what we can see from this heart-warming documentary about him putting it in to practice is the undisguised joy from all the people who are reaping from his ‘invention’. Cohen established that elderly hospitalized patients numbed the cruel ravages of … Continue reading


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There is an intriguing opening to this very disjointed tale of mystic healing that never ceases to leave you feel anything other than baffled right up to the final credits even though that was clearly never really the intention of Peruvian writer/director Claudia Llosa. At the beginning we follow Nana begging for a lift in the … Continue reading

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