Dropping The Soap

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  Taking aim at the banality of US Soap Opera is an easy target and the creators of the very entertaining web series Drop The Soap have a great deal of fun at parodying all the over-the-top aspects that have made them such a staple of Daytime Television for decades.  ‘Colluded Lives’ the fictional  ‘Soap’ at the … Continue reading


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Cal and Thom are both in their late 20’s  and been together for 4 years as a couple in Silverlake California, when their relationship is severely tested after Cal discovers that Thom has been cheating on him with Jeremy. As they explore the consequences of how this infidelity will effect them there is a great deal of … Continue reading

Feral : a refreshing new queer webseries

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Dictionary.com gives the definition of ‘feral’ as existing in a natural state, not domesticated or cultivated; wild, which makes it a perfect title for writer/director Morgan Jon Fox’s new queer web-series. Set and filmed in his home state of Memphis, his refreshing edgy drama is about a set of 20-something year olds who must deal with finding their … Continue reading

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