Ballroom Rules

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  I’ve been dancing my socks off this month cinematically speaking.  First the subliminal PINA (and I am still doing the ‘4 Seasons’ dance in my head), then DANCEMAKER the documentary on one of the world’s greats contemporary choreographers PAUL TAYLOR. Followed a frenetic look at the manic craziness of kiddies competing in the World Irish Dancing Championships in JIG, and … Continue reading


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There is an hilariously funny opening sequence when the camera swoops down from the nearby mountains to spot Shirley, a suburban housewife on the verge of a breakdown, hanging out her washing in her garden whilst she recreates the beginning of ‘The Sound of Music’ that she is totally obsessed with. Her five daughters however … Continue reading


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From the late 1940’s up to 1970 the British Government surreptitiously ‘deported’ 130000 children placed in their care to Australia for  reasons I still cannot fathom.  This movie is the true story of how Margaret Humphreys, a Social Worker from Nottingham, uncovered the scandal, and almost single-handedly and against overwhelming odds and even threats against … Continue reading

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