Erik & Erika

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  Erik and Erika is the dramatization of the extraordinary life story of Austrian World Skiing Champion Erika Schinegger who relinquished her title when she finally became Erik. Born in 1948 to a farmer’s wife, as the baby had no physcial signs of any genetalia, the midwife declared that she was a girl, and the family … Continue reading

FTWTF : Female To What The Fuck

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This second documentary from Austrian filmmakers  Katharina Lampert and Cordula Thym with its most prefect title, tells the story of several people who fit somewhere along the genderqueer spectrum, but most of them are still undecided exactly where they want to be right now on this sliding scale. All of them were born as women but have chosen to … Continue reading


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This shocking and rather provocative movie … the sophomore feature from Austrian actor turned director Klaus Händl deservedly won the prestigious Teddy Award for Best LGBT Feature Film at this year’s Berlin International Film Festival.  It is therefore surprising that since then the reviews have been lukewarm at best, and even odder that it is not the … Continue reading

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