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For his debut feature film L.A. based artist and writer Pablo Valencia used his rather deranged imagination to risk making an extraordinary innovative black comedy that he almost manages to pull off.   This story is of an aspiring filmmaker called Shelby who has more than her fair share of emotional issues and substance abuse and who talks her … Continue reading


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‘Cowboys’ is an oddball absurdist Croatian comedy that was such a hit at home it became the country’s official submission for an Academy Award Best Foreign Picture Nomination last year. It didn’t win anything but it did at least show the world what extraordinary filmmakers they are, and what a glorious bizarre sense of humor … Continue reading


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In 1998 I was in my hotel room in NY checking out Village Voice when I came across news that some Distributors had disowned Todd Solonz’s new movie ‘Happiness’.  I’m not sure if it was the rape, pedophilia, suicide and murder or the bizarre sexual phone caller that had particularly upset them, but once I read … Continue reading


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There is an hilariously funny opening sequence when the camera swoops down from the nearby mountains to spot Shirley, a suburban housewife on the verge of a breakdown, hanging out her washing in her garden whilst she recreates the beginning of ‘The Sound of Music’ that she is totally obsessed with. Her five daughters however … Continue reading

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