Ka Bodyscapes

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You need to adopt an Indian sensibility and momentarily put aside your usual Western discernment when you view the second feature film of New York based writer/director Jayan Cherian which has so outraged the Indian Film Censors that they have banned it from being played in the country.  What has caused them so much offense … Continue reading


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This rather touching and gentle gay drama which is a very impressive debut from newbie filmmaker Sudanashu Saria, takes on an even greater than usual resonance by the mere fact that it is set in India where homosexuality is still illegal. However in fact the movie, evidently shot very much on the down-low, showcases how these gay … Continue reading

Margarita, With A Straw

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Laila may be wheelchair bound because she has cerebral palsy, but it hardly seems an obstacle to stop this young student at the University of Delhi from doing exactly what she wants to do. Encouraged by her middle-class parents, she never lets her disability stop her getting exactly what she wants in life. That is until … Continue reading


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  This very prestigious all-boys boarding school in India which is the setting for The Noblemen is obviously a remnant of British colonial days and the children are still expected to practice the age-old rituals and codes which should have been banished years ago. Here in this very formal setting, the pupils are reluctantly bound by an … Continue reading

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