Boy Undone

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  Mexican filmmaker Leopoldo Laborde’s latest intriguing movie Boy Undone has been described as an excellent example of guerrilla filmmaking.  This is the term used to describe very low budget filmmaking with skeleton crews, and simple props using whatever is available. Often scenes are shot quickly in real locations without any warning, and without obtaining … Continue reading

Four Moons aka Cuatro Lunas

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This enchanting debut feature from Mexican writer/director Sergio Tovar Velarde is essentially 4 stories about love and heartbreak from 4 different generations of men and they all share a common theme of self-acceptance. The youngest and most tenderest of the group is a shy 11 year old called Maurizio who develops a crush on Oliver his … Continue reading

I Am Happiness on Earth

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Mexican filmmaker Julián Hernández’s  latest cinematic treat is essentially a film within a film. It’s protagonist Emiliano is an openly gay director who’s current movie that we see in progress on screen involves filming real-life dancer Gloria Conterras and some of her students. It soon becomes apparent that Emiliano’s interests in the dancers go way beyond … Continue reading

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