Miss Richfield 1981 wants you to know that she is Born Again

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queerguru sat down with the outrageously funny Miss Richfield 1981 ostensibly to talk about her new show #BORNAGAIN at her new summer home on Provincetown at The Pilgrim House but the Queen of Shade couldn’t hold back dishing on so much more. 

And this is only Part One as later that same day we filmed her filming a Facebook Live at Hook Provincetown that we will post very soon.

Miss Richfield 1981 Sur La Plage

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Miss Richfield 1981  who is unquestionably the most colorful superstar to walk the streets and trample the boards in #PTown every summer who everyone adores, invited queerguru to her ‘private beach’ to throw the heaviest shade in town in the most hilarious conversation which (literally) almost killed us.The interview with Roger Walker-Dack was filmed by #HusseinWentz ……Miss Richfield 1981 is appearing at Crown & Anchor most nights

MISS RICHFIELD 1981 : Returns to PTown : A Story in 3 Acts

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Miss Richfield 1981 is Drag Royalty in Provincetown where she has starred in her own show all summer long for the past 17 years. This latest one at the Pilgrim House is called Miss Richfield 1981 “Gender Fluids” and she sat down to talk to QUEERGURU about this and so much more. We’re thrilled to be able to count her as a friend BUT every single interview we have with her always turns more into An Audience With …… This fab one was so good we split it into 3 Acts. 

Interview conducted by Roger Walker-Dack was filmed by Dan Desjardins (and a very large crew) at the Pilgrim House 


ACT 1 : What I Did All Winter

Act 2 Life In The East End (with lesbians and communists)


Act 3 : Never Going To Stop


P.S. For full listings of what’s happening in Ptown this summer check out https://ptownevents.com/

Queerguru film MISS RICHFIELD 1981 as she films FACEBOOK LIVE

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After we filmed our own interview with the hilarious Miss Richfield 1981 (http://www.queerguru.com/2018/06/29010) we followed her down to Hook Provincetown where she was about to film Facebook Live ostensibly to promote her Miss Richfield 1981 merchandise, but she cannot help cause chaos and throw shade at everyone …..including us.
Tonight she was dispensing Scotty Cakes but other nights she is appearing in her new show BORN AGAIN at Pilgrim House in PTown


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