Queerguru’s 1st You Tube Video to get over 100,000 views

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When we posted this video on our YouTube Channel 6 months ago, we never ever dreamed it would get over 100,000 hits. We are so proud to be able to promote these excellent #Transgender movies, and thrilled with your positive response & support. Apricot Groves film#CloseKnitFree Cece DocumentaryCOBYDuskFinding KimFtwtf – female to what the f.Just Charlie#TamaraThe Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson



P.S. Queerguru would love you to bits if you did us one tiny favor.  Despite the fact that we have had almost 290K hits on YouTube (yeah!) they will not give us a single cent of the advertising money that they make off us until we have more subscribers.  Won’t cost you a dime,  but it will help support our site. Just simply click on the link below.  Thank you very much!  

Top 10 Best of The Rest @ Boston’s Wicked LGBTQ Film Festival

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It is already DAY 3 of Wicked Queer: The Boston LGBT Film Festival and if you missed the start, panic not, as there are still some amazing queer cinema to come in the next week. Here then are TEN TOP PICKS OF THE BEST OF THE REST: and if you like the look of any of these unmissable movies, then act quickly as they all do tend to sell out.

Check out http://www.wickedqueer.org for the complete Festival Schedule, and http://www.queerguru.com for the full reviews of these, and another over 1000 queer movies.


TOP 10 MOVIES (Not To Be Missed) @OUTshine

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The 20th Anniversary of OUTshine Film Festival kicks off on April 20th. and queerguru has scoured the wonderfully eclectic program of queer cinema to give our list of TOP TEN MOVIES (not to be missed)

Tierra firme – Anchor and Hope – FilmSex Fashion & Disco: Antonio Lopez 1970#MyBigGayItalianWeddingTinta Bruta / Hard PaintQueeramaScotty and The Secret History of HollywoodTransformerThe Marriage Film – MartesaTo A More Perfect Union: US v WindsorWe are Thr3e

Top Ten LGBT Feature Films of 2017

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Its MOVIE AWARDS time again, and although occasional an #LGBT movie will break through, for the most part, they are overlooked. However there is such a wealth of good queer cinema out they that we feel needs recognizing and their own accolades, so here then are our TOP TEN LGBT FEATURE FILMS of 2017, most of which can now be viewed on global streaming platforms and DVDs God’s Own Country FilmCall Me By Your NameBPM – Beats Per MinuteTom of Finland MovieTLA ReleasingThe WoundSignature MoveIt’s Only the End of the WorldBeach RatsSanta y Andrés

Written and edited by Roger Walker-Dack for www.queergurutv.com

Top Ten Queer Movies at #PIFF2017

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Ever since it started in 1999 the Provincetown International Film Festival has always had an impressive reputation for selecting the most diverse and inclusive movies in it’s eclectic program, with a significant amount of LGBTQ films. From this year’s program queerguru has very carefully chosen the TOP TEN QUEER MOVIES at #PIFF2017.

Filmed and edited by Roger Walker-Dack for ‘queerguru reports’ on PTV’s Channel 99.

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