Bonding Netflix’s new series shows that BDSM can really be fun

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Bonding, the delightfully funny new Netflix series about a Dominatrix and her BDSM work  is the type of program that will give apoplexy to the sanctimonious who will rush to publicly condemn a lifestyle in which they probably actually make up most of the clientele in real life. As Tiff (Zoe Levin) is at college … Continue reading


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This new Brit LGBT edgy TV series that went straight to DVD that tackles the life of group of friends in the northern UK town of Manchester is worlds away from HBO’s LGBT series Loving set in San Francisco featuring a group of rather sophisticated urbanites.  Outings bills itself as a cross between as Queer as … Continue reading


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After NETFLIX’s phenomenal success creating original content for its streaming service with two Award winning television series, now AMAZON has also stepped into the area which was once the sole territory of network and cable television with the launch of TRANSPARENT it’s very first own series. If you haven’t caught it yet (it’s free for AMAZON … Continue reading

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