Saturday, September 30th, 2017

Furious Desires

This is a collection of 5 short films …….four of which come from Central & South America, and the 5th from Italy …. all dealing with different aspects of desire between men.

The first one on the compilation is The Daytime Doorman from Brazilian filmmaker Fábio Leal and is the most explicit of the films with both frontal nudity and very steamy sex scenes. It’s the story of openly gay Marcelo (Carlos Eduardo Ferraz) who after flirting with Márcio (Edilson Silva) the straight married doorman in his building complex, decides to chance his arm and make a pass at him.  It’s initially rejected although somewhat feebly, and soon he is discovering a whole new side about himself.

Xavier (Gregorio Musatti) on the other hand from another Brazilian filmmaker Ricky Mastro  is the tale of an 11 year old whose teacher misreads his quietness as being an introvert. Where his single-parent intuitive dad Nicholas (Andre Guerreiro Lopes) soon picks up that his silence is due to the fact that he has an inkling for certain types of boys. 

The 3rd movie is the Mexican ‘The Other Side’  by Rodrigo Alvarez Flores and is the most intense drama of this collection. When Claudio’s parents catch him with his boyfriend Felipe (Eduardo Gomez), they immediately pack his bags and send him to the US.  Claudio (Juan Pablo Muro) feeling that he has no option than to follow, but as he has  no passport and limited money he has no choice than to place his destiny in the hands of smugglers to get across the Border.

Mexican director/writer Denisse Quintero’s tale The Tiger’s Fight is about a long-held local custom where to mark the end of the drought season, the men dress up as tigers and fight each other before presenting flowers to the woman they love.  The problem for Nicolas (Hoze Meléndez)is that they object of his affection is not one of the village women, but his best friend Pablo ( José Pescina ).

The final movie is from Italian filmmaker Simone Bozzelli and tells of 23-year-old Loris (Andrea Arcangeli) who  desperately wants to hang on to his boyfriend Valerio, who is HIV-positive. He has this idea of hooking up with an older man with the intention of contracting HIV so he can be with Valerio without fear, even though the unseen Valerio doesn’t seem that keen on Loris anyway.

It’s a intriguing compilation that sets out to show that how little control we have over any of our desires, many of which make no rhyme or reason. As these compelling short films show well, desire can be uncontrollable, passionate, disappointing, frustrating and always furious.


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