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The moment we first glimpse Gloria the whole screen simply comes alive capturing the essence of this intoxicating vibrant woman. She’s at a mixer in her hometown of Santiago for other mature and older single people who are hoping the heady combination of Latin dance music and alcohol will help them make a romantic connection. Gloria makes an awkward stab at conversation with a man she thinks she knows and even after they dance tightly entwined and quite provocatively, she still goes home alone with only her neighbors ugly bald cat for company.
Gloria is an attractive 50-something year old divorcee with a pair of twinkling eyes and an infectious smile that never seems to leave her face.  Sadly her boundless enthusiasm for life seems wasted on potential suitors and lost on her two grown up self-centered children who have little time for her. On her next visit to the Singles Club however Gloria espies an attractive older man who takes an instant shine to her and in a very short space of time the two have embarked on a passionate romance.
Rodolfo is also divorced but by the constant ringing of his cell-phone its very clear he is not out of the clutches of his ex-wife or their two grown up daughters who he is still expected to completely support financially and emotionally 24/7.  What starts as an irritation soon becomes a major obstacle in the way of any relationship that he can ever establish with Gloria. Especially when he keeps running off and leaving her in a lurch at a moments notice just to appease his whining family.

One of Gloria’s greatest strengths (or weaknesses?) is her resilience.  Even when her own offspring mock her choices in life and men, she is nothing less than magnanimous with them in return.  And when Rodolfo doesn’t deserve a second chance, she still gives him one and throws herself into it wholeheartedly although she must have an inkling that it will fail ignominiously.  Even when her attempts at a shot of happiness do not work out, Gloria is not to pitied as she is a fighter and when at she finally ends up alone on the dance floor singing along to the song Gloria’, it is somehow a moment of pure joy that you cannot help but want to celebrate too.

The movie owes its success completely to the tour-de-force performance of its star Paulina Garcia who is simply electrifyingly wonderful.  No holds, barred even in the lovemaking scenes which are frankly rare and bold given the maturity of the two leads.  Kudos to director & co-writer Sebastián Lelio for leaving enough loose strands in the plot line to pump up our imagination more.


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