Monday, July 6th, 2015

‘If You Are Actively Protesting Gay Marriage You Need A Hobby. Or a Handjob.’

Joe Santagato is a funny 23 year old vlogger from New York whose weekly YouTube videos are full of his take on subjects such as ‘6 Things You Didn’t Know About D–ks’, ‘How To Lose Your Virginity’ and ‘How To Sext’ etc.  With over 144K subscribers following his every word, he dispenses his common sense hilarious opinions with more than a little tongue in cheek and and a lot of the ‘f’ word.  

His latest (and one of his best) vlogs is on ‘Gay Marriage.‘   He asks if anyone can tell him why it was illegal in the first place as he says ‘when I think of things that are illegal : murder, rape and theft etc they are all things that hurt society in some sort of way.’

‘If marriage is so f—ing sacred, why so many divorces? 

‘If you are still making signs (like God Hates Fags) then you need to get it together.  This is not 1935. Start a hashtag or some s–t.  Make a facebook page’

Our favorite Santagato-ism is at the end.  “If you are actively protesting gay marriage, you need a hobby. Or a handjob.”

You can follow him on https://www.youtube.com/user/JoeSantagato

B.T.W. did we mention he is also straight and very handsome?

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