Thursday, February 2nd, 2017

Jayson Bend : Queen and Country

Jayson Bend has to be the campest LGBT movie we have seen for ages. Billed as the World’s First Gay Secret Agent it is an amusing parody of a James Bond spy movie chock-a-block with very obvious double entendres.  The hero Jayson Bend 009 (the handsome Davis Brooks) works in London at the Royal Intelligence Ministry which makes him a R.I.M. Agent (!)  and he is entrusted by the Bureau Chief L with the task of discovering the secret ingredient in a range of hair products which a rather demented hairdresser has invented to enable him to force all his competitors out of business.

Just like Mr Bond, Jayson has to sleep with enemy agents to get what he wants, except in his case they are men such as the boyish looking Dr Tu Yung (Chris Lew Kum Hoi), and he has to repel the advances of the one woman who comes on very heavy with him. He also has all the ‘toys’ just like any modern spy, complete with fancy sports car that always manages to get him out of tight corners.

The movie is the passion project of Matt Carter a filmmaker/visual effects designer who seems to have almost made the whole thing single-handedly …. he even wrote the Bond type theme song ……and has remarkably high production values for a small indie LGBT movie. Coming in at just 49 minutes, this very lighthearted romp may not have you laughing out loud too often, but it will have you grinning from ear to ear most of the time.

(the movie is now available to view on Dekko.com)


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