Saturday, August 1st, 2020

Life Is Easy : until you swap bodies with you BF


Life Is Easy  is a manically paced farcical web series  from New Zealand that puts its own cute spin on the old ‘B Movie’ dilemma of body swapping.  Written by and starring pansexual actress Chye-Ling Huang and out gay actor Cole Jenkins as Jamie Li and Curtis. It’s the story of  a young gay man and his best gal pal whose lives intermingle so tight, that are almost like one person.

On the night of their 21st Birthdays (naturally it’s the same day for both of them) they are lying together in a swimming pool and they casually remark about wanting to swap lives .  This suddenly comes  true and Jamie Li is now clutching a penis (Curtis’s) whilst Curtis is now grappling with his new breasts.

This feel-good comedy so fast paced that if somehow doesn’t matter if all the jokes don’t fall. And because both characters are highly sexed and very horny there is an immense amount of silly innuendos plus a great deal of (hot) naked flesh. 

Kudos to the series producers for such a diverse cast : everyone  seems to be either a Person of Color, a woman, gay or a even melange of all three. More importantly while the characters of Jamie-Li and Curtis purposefully play into those stereotypes, many of the other characters, particularly the POC and queer ones, intentionally play against them.

There’s a freshness and almost an wholesomeness in comedy from New Zealand which is captured so succinctly in Life Is Easy.  It’s also reflects a sign of the times when LGBTQ Web Series now have such high prodcution values which makes them so much more watchable.

The whole series of Life is Easy is now streaming on https://revry.tv/


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