Monday, September 14th, 2020

Music For Bleeding Hearts


For his sophomore feature film Brazilian writer turned director Rafael Gomes has adapted his own novel ‘Music To Cut the Wrists By’.  Don’t be alarmed by  the title as this engaging romantic comedy may have its melodrama, but his trio of lovelorn protagonists would still never resort to taking such action.

We reviewed Gomez’s previous film “45 Days From You” so we know that he is somewhat occupied with the concept of un-requited love, being dumped unceremoniously, and over-analysing every affair.   Oh yes, and having a great music soundtrack .

This time with constant references to Shakespeare’s ultimate love story Romeo and Juliet, the three young people at the centre of Gomes plot have messy relationships which have this habit of overlapping. 

Isabela  (Mayara Constanttino) has just broken  up with Gabriel (Ícaro Silva) whilst  she is now being pursued by Felipe  (Caio Horowicz) who is also struggling with his own sexuality, and he in turn is the apple in the eye of besotted Ricardo (Victor Mendes).  They all live carefree rather fashionable lives in Sao Paolo where there seems to be a party (with very much the same crowd every night).

Gomes really stuck it well when it came to making his casting decisions, as the young talented and extremely likeable crew have both a remarkable chemistry and energy which makes up for some of the awkward and unfortunate plot. They sexualities are very fluid even if the script is not.

The other slightly scary aspect of life that Gomes makes us aware of, is how we (or at least millennials) use Social Media and the Internet to closely monitor the lives  of others, as well as our own.

The movie has a perfect title as this film really is music for bleeding hearts, and if you are one  right now, you may want to sit this movie out, delightful as it is, 


PS Screening at OUT IN FILM Atlanta's Virtual Film Festival

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