Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021

Next Level Sh-t


Here’s another of those ‘been there, done that’ queer experiences although when it happened to us it may not have seemed so fun or cute at the time.

Taylor (Ben Baur)  is  preparing for his  make-or-break third date with Chris (Daniel K. Isaac). As he is certain the evening will end up the bedroom he wants to be totally prepared.  Whilst most of us are  concerned with anal cleanliness, Taylor is a pernickety perfectionist, but sadly  his starvation leads to a backfiring of his intentions.

If you think there is any possibility you may not read/see any more , then don’t turn off yet  as this romantic comedy has a surprisingly sweet message about self-love.

Writer/director Gary Jaffe told Advocate “In all my work, I’m looking to foster a more nuanced self-acceptance in the queer community and beyond,. In Next Level Shit, a ‘perfect’ gay (played to literal perfection by Ben Baur) comes face to face with the demons hidden in his own neurotic pursuit of gay perfection.

The film first premiered at Outfest Los Angeles and was a hit on the LGBTQ+ festival circuit.and t is now available for all of us over 18 years old on YouTube


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