Friday, October 11th, 2019

Over 80% of the actors at the casting for Jayro Bustamante’s film TREMOR refused to play ‘gay’


When Guatemalan filmmaker Jayro Bustamante‘s went to cast his sophomore film a drama about a married man who comes out as gay he was shocked to discover that over 80% of the actors at the casting would not play ‘gay’ .  He needn’t have worried though as he chose the extremely talented actor JUAN PABLO OLYSLAGER whose finely nuanced performance as the lead character makes this very disturbing drama so utterly watchable.

In what is the 2nd Guatemalan movie to every have an LGBT story line, Olyslager  Pablo  who is forced by his Church & family to give up on his chance of real happiness. 

Bustamante, and Olyslager along with Sabrina De La Hoz , talked to QUEERGURU when the film was screened at Miami Film Festiva land now the movie is about to be screened  at OUTshine in Fort Lauderdale

PS. You can read our full review of the movie  at http://www.queerguru.com/2019/03/tremors-aka-temblores

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