Monday, May 18th, 2020

Quarantena : A Sexy Stay At Home Circus Show


AirOtic is a sexy and sensual circus style show, and one of the very best things to happen in Provincetown last summer .  Their physique, strength, burlesque and high level acrobatics left the packed houses every night begging for more.  (Did we also mention each of the performers in their skimpy costumes were also hot a hell?)

If you were not one of the lucky ones who got to enjoy their performance last year this is what you missed.


They were heading back to PTown for another season when this little thing called COVID 19 ruined all our plans.  So six members of the cast who are Quarantined together at the AirOtic warehouse in Barcelona  have just created a new show . They perform new breathtaking routines—from the backyard, the garage, and even their kitchen and bedrooms!!

A lot of performers have been doing shows online during the pandemic, but you’ve never seen anything like this!

Just as live performers have not been able to earn any income these days, they recognize that many of us are also struggling financially. So for this event, they ask that you PAY WHAT YOU CAN.


P.S. You may like to check out this interview QUEERGURU had with Stephanie Haffner the man behind AIrOtic and one of its star performers http://www.queerguru.com/stephane-haffner-and-airotic-his-sensual-circus-show-that-is-the-new-hit-in-ptown-this-summer/

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