Stephen Coy reviews NIRVANA IS HERE by Aaron Hamburger

How does a reviewer write about a novel that centers on a particularly awful incident without ruining the reader’s discovery of how it affects the main character?  Not an easy task but I will try to discuss the novel without revealing this central fact. Adult Ari Silverman is a tenured medieval studies professor at a … Continue reading

Stephen Coy reviews ‘Paul Takes the Form of a Mortal Girl’ by Andrea Lawlor

Set in Iowa City, home to the University of Iowa, Paul is a queer theory student and works as a bartender. Though described as “quiet and white…like the whole state,” there is a sizable quotient of liberal, progressive students, released from their previous mundane environments and thrust into a whirlwind of new experiences. Paul’s experiences … Continue reading

Stephen Coy reviews The Lie: A Memoir of Two Marriages, Catfishing and Coming Out by William Dameron

“Why do people catfish? People don’t feel confident in who they are, so they pretend they’re someone else.” William Dameron’s selfie was stolen countless times. It would even show up as a Google image search for “forty-year-old, white male.” Many women were victims to scams perpetrated by men who assumed his image as their own. … Continue reading

Stephen Coy reviews the memoir of the first ever LGBT candidate for US President

  It seems a given that anyone running for high elected office must publish a memoir or treatise (sometimes both) that tells their personal story and policy perspectives. Pete Buttigieg is one of the youngest politicians on the national stage, receiving as much attention for his age as for the other aspects of his life. … Continue reading

Stereo: a film about reversed gender stereotypes made by 13 year old Ella Fields

  This remarkable film about gender stereotypes was written, directed, and edited by Ella Fields who is 13 years old. This is what she wrote about her video “Ever since the beginning of time, things have been exactly the same. Boys wear pink, girls wear blue. Boys wear dresses, and girls can’t…”  

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