An Almost Ordinary Summer : until two family patriarchs want to marry

This crowd-pleaser Italian rom-com is the tale of two polar opposite families who have unwitting been brought together for a summer vacation because the two patriarchs have a secret they want to share. The setting is a stunning seaside mansion which is the home of the rather grand art dealer Toni (Fabrizio Bentivoglio) who has … Continue reading

An Honest Liar

Born in 1928, when he reached the ripe old age of 17 James (The Amazing) Randi ran away from home to join the circus as he wanted to become a escape artist like The Great Houdini.  By all accounts from this engrossing new documentary on his life by filmmakers Tyler Measom & Justin Weinstein he eventually achieved his goal and could … Continue reading

An Island Calling

The legacy of colonialism in Fiji led to a tragic end for gay couple John Scott and Greg Scrivener, who were brutally murdered in 2001. The Scotts, part of a long line of prominent white colonial Fijians, enjoyed privilege and status not afforded to the indigenous people. Post-independence, John attempted to rectify this by serving … Continue reading

An Ordinary Family

When Seth turns up at the lake side home where his whole family take their annual vacation, only his sister-in-law knows that he will have his boyfriend William in tow. Its a fact that he only shares with William when they are on the front porch and just about to ring the doorbell.  Shock turns … Continue reading

Analysis Paralysis

  Analysis Paralysis is a touching and thoroughly entertaining  rom-com about two young gay men who just cannot keep their hands off each others despite the fact that one of them is constantly obsessed that he is  destined never to be happy.    Tyler (Jason T.Gaffney) suffers from an extreme anxiety disorder commonly called “Analysis Paralysis’ … Continue reading

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