For his debut feature film Argentinian filmmaker Lucas Santa Ana’s story is about three teenage male best friends who in 1996 go on a beach camping vacation together which ends up changing their relationships with each other for good. Dani (Javier De Pietro) is the videographer of the group filming all their activities including when they … Continue reading

Brotherhood aka Broderskab

  Lars is a young Danish soldier who is resentful because he has been thrown out of the Army after being accused of making a pass at some of his men. Frustrated at being back home with his pushy interfering mother, and at a loose end and unsure of where his life is going, he becomes … Continue reading

Brotherly Love

  For his feature film writing/directing debut actor Anthony J. Caruso has chosen to adapt, and star in, Salvatore Sapienza’s  Lambda Literary Award-nominated novel “Seventy Times Seven”.  It’s an intriguing new take on the classic conundrum for a gay Catholic priest who has to choose between his vocation and his earthly love of his life. Brother Vito Fortunato (Caruso) … Continue reading

Brothers Of The Night

Austrian filmmaker Patric Chiha’s new movie that has just had its World Premiere at Berlinale Film Festival is a gritty fascinating documentary about a small group of young Bulgarian Roma men who flock to Vienna in search of a better life.   When they first arrive they can barely speak any German at all and find … Continue reading

Bruno & Earlene Go To Vegas

When the movie opens Earlene is sitting on a wall in Venice Beach swigging from a bottle secreted in a brown paper bag and she very dramatically utters to a total stranger ‘Experience is the name we give our mistakes. Which one are you?’ and I cannot help but cringe.  It sadly will not be … Continue reading

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