Dream Boat.

For the past six years every September The Monarch a European Cruise ship leaves Lisbon with some 2300 passengers for a week’s voyage to Gran Canaria.  All of them are gay men with just one thing on their mind : to party.  And of course to fall in love with Mr Right, and on the … Continue reading

Dream On

The innocence of gay life in suburban Britain in the 1980’s before the AIDS epidemic changed the landscape forever is caught beautifully in this micro-budget drama that filmmaker Lloyd Eyre-Morgan has adapted from his own stage play.  It’s the story of shy introverted 16 year old Paul who is taken by Denise his divorced mother … Continue reading

Dressed As A Girl: the best of East London’s Alternative Queer scene

If you are unfamiliar with the alternative drag scene in London’s vibrant East End, then discovering the extraordinary performance artist Jonny Woo who had been the ringmaster of it all for the past decade, is quite an eyeopener. Although I should add quickly, one of the very best kind.  In this new documentary from first … Continue reading

DRIES : an intimate portrait of fashion designer Dries Van Noten

  In today’s culture where a successful fashion designer is as much of a star as the celebrity customers they dress,  Dries Van Noten is quite the exception.  True he does quietly outfit Cate Blanchett for all her trips down the red carpet, but this quiet and unassuming extremely talented Belgian is much happier at home … Continue reading

Drink Me

Young gay couple James and Andy seem to have everything, especially an extremely busy sex life. Life in the rather comfortable house they share couldn’t be more perfect and James wants to make it all even more permanent by getting down on his knees and proposing marriage. However timing is everything and Andy fesses up … Continue reading

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