Don’t Look Down (Haut Perches) : Sex, Love and Grudges

  Gift wrapped in sex, perversity and symbolism Don’t Look Down tells a simple truth: It’s hard to let go of a grudge because it’s easier to have someone else to blame when love does not go as wished. The film ticks out a countdown like a highly structured piece of conceptual theater. Olivier Ducastel … Continue reading

Don’t Suck

  We’ve never met Tyler Martin the creator and star of this deliciously funny and totally politically in-correct web series, BUT we just know that this probably is the story of his very own life.  Warts and all.  You just cannot make this stuff up. The on screen Tyler is a self-obsessed overly-dramatic young gay … Continue reading

Doors Cut Down

  Young Guillermo (Israel Rodríguez)  has an insatiable appetite for sex.  Not only that, but this 16 year-old schoolboy shows a remarkable maturity in manipulating older guys into getting what he wants.  Every day after school is out he sneaks off to the Mall to find a new sexual partner who he lures into the … Continue reading

Downton Abbey : the best feel-good movie of the year (so far)

  Watching the glorious movie version of Downton Abbey on the big screen is just like being welcomed back home to old (rather grand) friends who we have missed .  Of course we are not the visitors that Lord and Lady Grantham (Hugh Bonneville & Elizabeth McGovern) are expecting as they have just received a … Continue reading

Dragged :The Film

New York based Danish filmmaker Christopher Birk’s affectionate but somewhat meandering documentary takes a look at the lives of a coterie of assorted New York drag queens that focuses mainly on their particular journeys to get them performing in the not-always-bright-lights in backstreet bars and clubs.  As they share the stories of their struggles (and … Continue reading

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