Free CeCe

With the sad news this week about the death of Alphonza Watson in Baltimore which brought the number of transgender women of color in the US killed in the first three months up to 8 now, the story of CeCe McDonald takes on an even greater significance.  A compelling new documentary from Jacqueline Gares doesn’t just … Continue reading

Fair Haven

19 year old James’s (Michael Grant) reward for his long stint at a gay conversion therapy course run by religious zealots is not good news.  On his return home he is greeted by his father (Tom Wopat)  who forced him to go there in the first place, and he immediately learns that all his college fund money has … Continue reading

Flatbush Luck

Swedish/American filmmaker Casper Andreas specializes in formulaic gay-lite comedies with cliched ridden plots and characters that usually rely on being easy on the eye as their main selling point.  This latest one about two attractive cousins who work as phone repairmen in Brooklyn and stumble on a get-rich-quick scheme is about the same as his previous efforts … Continue reading

From Zero to I Love You

  For his sophomore feature film as a writer/director Doug  Spearman reunites with Daryl Stephens who not only starred in his Hot Guys with Guns debut, but who was also a co-cast member of the groundbreaking Noahs Arc TV series. Stephens plays Pete a successful copywriter in Philadelphia who has a penchant for dating men … Continue reading

Fabulous’ movie review : the tale of Lasseindra Ninja finally going home

  This documentary by director Audrey Jean-Baptiste is  the heartwarming story of a queer French Guiana kid  known as Xavier who left his home country as it was impossible to be his true self.  He put several thousands miles between his  biological family and him and landed in New York,  and very quickly found a … Continue reading

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